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Warm winter dry closet

The dry closet warm is irreplaceable for winter frosty days. A good option would be to install a heated dry closet. This option is very comfortable both for use on construction sites and for various events. Such a septic tank will be completely protected from the vagaries of the weather and temperature fluctuations: heated toilets work even at -40 ...

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Features of servicing toilet cabins in winter

The design and material of toilet cabins allows them to be used under any climatic conditions, including in the winter season. However, it is worth remembering that receiving tanks begin to freeze at low temperatures. This feature, if the recommendations are not followed, can lead to the complete or partial impossibility of servicing toilet cabins ...

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What about the smell?

Wherever a person is, he always strives to create comfortable living conditions for himself. An important factor in convenience is the usual restroom. Mobile toilet cubicles and portable dry closets have long entered the life of a modern person. For them to work properly, a number of related products are required, including a special liquid ...

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Modern solution to the problem

Cooperating with the Banana Company, the customer receives the lease and maintenance of the dry closet at affordable prices. Now any individual or legal entity knows where to rent a toilet at a bargain price. You can find out the cost of rent and prices for other services on the website by going to the Services section or by contacting the company by phone. In any case, you can...

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What is more profitable? Buying or renting?

In order to decide which of the 2 options is more profitable for you, you need to answer only 5 questions. 1. Estimated total usage time: more than a year or less. If more - you can consider the option of buying. If less, rent is more profitable. 2. If you plan to use an outdoor dry closet seasonally, but for several years, then ...

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Use of toilet cubicles

BIOTOILETS, TOILET CABINS AND THE ADVANTAGES OF THEIR USE. What is a dry closet (toilet cabin)? Outwardly, it is a rectangular cabin made of durable and resistant to any external influences plastic. Advantages of toilet cabins: Toilet cabins are resistant to temperature changes, suitable for operation at low temperatures …

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We serve dry closets everywhere Specialists of the Banan company work in any conditions. We will quickly prepare the required number of toilet cubicles for an open-air concert, fair, industrial exhibition, outdoor event! We also cooperate with large and small developers, because clean toilets are needed not only at a holiday. At the construction site…

building toilet
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The advantage of our booths

The toilet cabin is used in crowded places where there is no connection to central communications: near the metro, train stations, cafes, at construction sites, gas stations, etc. Our products are durable due to the following characteristics: Reliability - products are made of anti-vandal durable plastic; light weight - allows you to quickly deliver ...

Brovary dry closet
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In which cities can you rent a dry closet?

Our warehouse of dry closets is located in the city of Brovary, Kiev region. But, despite this, the rental of dry closets is available in Kyiv and the Kiev region, as well as delivery to other cities of Ukraine for various events. We can deliver a dry closet in Brovary and nearby areas as quickly as possible, a couple of hours after the application. For organ…

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Dry closet. Advantages and disadvantages

When the question arises that you need to equip the toilet area as soon as possible, or organize additional latrines for an event, then renting a dry closet is a profitable solution. Let's see what are the advantages, first of all, in such a service. 1.Cost. Renting a bio-toilet is an affordable service that does not require construction costs …

dry closet with washbasin
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New toilet cubicles

We are glad to inform you that a new delivery of dry closets with a convenient washstand inside has arrived. Toilet cubicles are brand new, so we primarily rent them for events such as: festivals, concerts, fan zones, seasonal fairs, parks and coastal areas, beaches and playgrounds. Buy a dry closet for rent in …

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