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A warm dry closet is indispensable for winter frosty days. A good option would be to install a heated dry closet. This option is very convenient both for use on construction sites and for various events. Such a septic tank will be completely protected from the vagaries of the weather and temperature fluctuations: heated toilets work even at -40 degrees.

The cabin solves the problem of organizing a toilet in the cold season due to thermal insulation three-layer factory sandwich panels.

  • Wall thickness 50 mm, and the floor and ceiling - 60 mm
  • The doorway has double rubber seal... Thanks to the lock, the door fits snugly to the body.
  • Thus, the cabin effectively keeps heat and does not let it go away.
  • Convector with automatic adjustment keeps constant temperature

The toilet is available both for rent and for permanent purchase. Service is carried out according to the schedule, or according to the filling of the tank.


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