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The design and material of toilet cabins allows them to be used in any climatic conditions, including in the winter season. However, it is worth remembering that the receiving tanks begin to freeze at low temperatures. This feature, if the recommendations are not followed, can lead to the complete or partial impossibility of servicing toilet cabins in winter.

Our company recommends two simple rules that will help you to use the cabins as comfortably as possible at low temperatures:

1. Increase the number of services. With more frequent maintenance and, accordingly, less material in the tank, the degree of crystallization will decrease.

2. Use special surfactant fluids that prevent freezing. This service can always be ordered from our managers or operators.

In case of partial solidification of the waste in the tank, it may take 2 to 3 hours for pumping out. In case of complete solidification of the waste, complete defrosting of the tank will take from 2 to 3 days, provided the ambient temperature is positive. Taking into account the additional costs that may arise due to the above features, we ask our clients to follow the recommendations for the use of toilet cubicles (MTK), in the winter season.


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