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What is a dry closet (toilet cabin)? Outwardly, it is a rectangular cabin made of durable and resistant to any external influences plastic.

Benefits of toilet cubicles:

Toilet cabins are resistant to temperature extremes, suitable for operation at low temperatures, which is especially important in the conditions of Russian reality. Toilet cabins are not even afraid of falling and hitting the ground. Inside the cabin there is a reservoir with a special container - a receiving tank. The deodorizing agent used to fill the receiving tank dissolves solid organic domestic wastewater that enters it, and also masks an unpleasant odor, stops the development of pathogenic bacteria, making household wastewater safe.

Toilet cabin service:

One of the conditions for the correct operation of the dry closet is its regular and proper cleaning. Works on the collection of domestic wastewater are carried out by our company, which has a license and special vacuum machines for the environmentally safe collection of generated domestic wastewater. In addition to waste, the company's specialists produce toilet cabin sink high pressure water. This allows you to get rid of deeply ingrained dirt, gives the toilet cabin a neat look. A dry closet is also a convenient solution for ensuring a comfortable life and working conditions at a summer cottage, a summer cafe, a construction site.


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